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How to prepare for your Quit for October Challenge

By Go Sober Team on

No one said that giving up something you enjoy was easy. Only the bravest and most fearless champions will see it through to November. You’re doing something amazing – and we salute you.

So we've put some tips together to help you smash your challenge

In preparation for your October: 

  • In the month prior, try to cut down on your chosen abstinence to half of what you would normally consume.
  • Remove all temptation from your house. Ask a friend or family member to take away any items that could distract you 
  • Prepare your mind as well as your body
  • Set yourself a goal for the month – a fundraising goal, eating healthier or perhaps starting an exercise program. 
  • Recruit some friends to do the challenge with you – it’s easier with friends! 

During your challenge:

  • Hang out with other Quit Champions
  • Keep yourself busy. 
  • Some people will find it easy, others will find it harder – however, it will get easier during the month! 
  • Explain to people why you’re doing this – it’s a great conversation starter and most people will be supportive and help you
  • Plan your substitutions for your chosen abstinence
  • Remind yourself why your doing it and the fantastic cause you are supporting
  • Use our tick-off planner to mark of the days you’ve completed and see how much you’ve achieved so far!