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Catherine Russell

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To give my liver a rest. And my skin loves me for it! (Also damn good cause, but you know that.)

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£10.00 from Vickie Rowell

Payday Friday. Here's one last donation for you.
Excellent amount raised.
You done amazing staying sober. I still haven't touched any since 26th Sept.
I hope you received my little something.
Roll on Feb for Serena Campbell 😉
Take care lovely xx

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Thank you.
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£10.00 from Melanie Chell

One last donation. Well done on completing the challenge. Fantastic amount raised.

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Thank you so much Melanie. That's super kind of you! X
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£10.00 from Pat (LuckyLadyinStepney)

#492 I challenge 8 people to get Catherine to 500 donations. Surely someone wants to be her 500th.
Go! #neatandtidy #numbers

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Thank you Pat!!! XXX
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£85.00 from Pauline H

Coming back to donate one final time. What a fantastic sum raised due to your encouragement and making us all feel special, thank you. Now sitting here with my first G&T (large one!) after going sober, would have had it earlier in the day had my 2 friends not made me designated driver at lunchtime😭. So pleased to see Joe McFadden will be dancing again next week, what a great routine. Also liked Davood Ghadami.
Best wishes to you. Roll on February when Serena’s back to sort them all out. Xx

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Thank you so much Pauline. So kind of you! Ahhhh.... the first drink is the sweetest.
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£5.00 from Lisa Watson

Always knew you could do it not sure about Serena though. Thanks for tweets about Thameslink trains on how wonderful the new train seats are comfortable to sit in and can relate to those who have Scoliosis who use the new Thameslink trains. Can't wait to see Serena back in Holby and keep being an #AwesomeLesbianSurgeon.

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Thanks Lisa. 😘
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£25.00 from Vickie Rowell

Dear Catherine,
Well your video made me chuckle. Was so worth the wait ha ha.
This donation will be my last. I saved this one for today.
My nan died 16 years ago today. This is for her. ❤
Well done for surviving October. Keep your tweets coming. They make our day.
Love Vickie 😙

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Thank you so much Vickie. Really kind of you.
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£10.00 from Nicola

How blooming marvellous you are Catherine! 🤗 Huge congrats for your amazing achievement and raising a momentous amount for such a great cause! Hope you are hugely proud of yourself because you absolutely should be! All us fans support you 100% 😘 Now, where’s that bottle of plonk?! 😂😉😘 x x

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Thank you so much Nicola. XXX
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£15.00 from Laura Spencer

Congratulations on raising over £12k 👏👍🎉 All of us fans are proud of you 😊 Hope you enjoyed 🍷🍷🍷 last night & that your head doesn't hurt too much this morning! Thank you for being so fun & entertaining on twitter...your tweets always brighten up my day x💜😍

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Thank you so much Laura. The wine was heaven!
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£25.00 from Anonymous

Go you!!!!! Just to round it up a bit..

In memory of my b/friends daughter - they were supported tremendously by Macmillan just recently - complete Superhero’s themselves.
So this is a Fantastic achievement for Macmillan - 🎉😊

Thank you also for your joyous entertaining tweets 😘. Not forgetting how you challenge, inform & inspire us 😊 thank you ever so.

Hope Saturday is bearable for you 😉😴

S x

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Thank you so much. (You know don't feel too bad.) XXX
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£5.00 from Danielle (@renaissance_fem)

Just a final little top up, I wish I'd been able to make more donations during the month... (do this again if/when I succeed as a lawyer and you can be sure I will!)

Cancer has got too many people I love dearly, most especially my beloved Granddad, who along with Granny, brought me up. I helped nurse him to the end, and even though I then spent my entire 20s looking after older folk, it was still the hardest thing I've ever done. The day that cancer is beaten can't come too soon. So, thank you for doing this Catherine - and I'm delighted to see you enjoying a glass (a bottle?) tonight - it's well deserved, and I can just imagine Granddad raising a glass to you. His favourite toast was "your sanity" (after a German gentleman mis-translated the French toast of "votre santé" into English, when toasting him) - so that's my toast to you, as you celebrate a mission well accomplished! 😉

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Oh I love the "your sanity" story! And what a great toast! Thank you so much. X
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