68,109 Soberheroes in 2016
£3,475,096 Raised in 2016

What is Go Sober for October?

Go Sober for October encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Make a difference

Donate to a Soberhero and make a real difference for Macmillan Cancer Support. Right from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, Macmillan are a constant source of support, giving people facing cancer the energy and inspiration to help take back control of their life. Read more...


2016 Top Fundraisers

Avatar Name Raised
Thumb img 8753 20 2 Mike Cooney £20,108
Thumb gs16 default profile photo 600x600 Dominic Byrne £14,805
Thumb fb img 1472166336243 Vishram Gorasia £7,453
Thumb acf 20in 20lavender 20field Amelia Fawcett £6,736
Thumb img 0009 Laurie Brett £3,610
Thumb img 5486 Matt & Simon Firth/Fordham £3,390
Thumb d6 Sarah Green £3,385
Thumb pmjpg Patrick Murphy £3,175
Thumb img 1311 Leigh Hughes £3,075
Thumb gs16 default profile photo 600x600 Lindsay Urquhart £3,000

2016 Top Teams