68,317 Soberheroes in 2018
£4,335,676 Raised in 2018

What is Go Sober for October?

Go Sober for October encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Read more...

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Make a difference

Be a Soberhero and make a real difference for Macmillan Cancer Support. Right from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, Macmillan Cancer Support are a constant source of support, helping everyone with cancer find their best way through so they’re able to live life as fully as they can. Read more...


2018 Top Fundraisers

Avatar Name Raised
Thumb i64t e0n 400x400 Catherine Russell £19,140
Thumb 30eee940 b284 45a4 9cf8 f4a799547e2c Kieron Graffin £5,680
Thumb b83a9382 f78a 4762 aaed 875f3d9493cc Malcolm Beattie £5,038
Thumb gs16 default profile photo 600x600 Ryan Allen £5,000
Thumb 50c4408e bc9e 493f bb41 f21eb81afe28 Tim Hankey £3,890
Thumb 4a9e00ba c8b2 4e39 802d 149b9bd809b4 Paul Darling £3,610
Thumb dsc 0342 Kevin De Waal £3,425
Thumb 171a82f4 dc8d 45cf a74d 24e1ffa95f6f Martin lawrence £3,310
Thumb tony 202018 Tony Ruffles £3,016
Thumb d65303ee 726f 4a1c 8d33 b0b02fc98711 David Beardow £2,895

2018 Top Teams