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One Pint Work Out with Georgie Okell

By Macmillan Cancer Support on

The One Pint Work Out is an exercise program that’s been designed to help burn off the amount of calories found in an average pint of lager in the time it takes to drink one. Personal Trainer to the stars Georgie Okell takes you through a 10 minute sweat-fest guaranteed to get you burning body fat.

3 x rounds

30 x seconds each exercise

30 x seconds rest between rounds

  1. High knees
    Hands above your head, drive knees up higher than your waist, light on your toes

  2. Squat jumps
    Use your arms to leap all the way up and then drive down to the ground through your heels

  3. Mountain climbers
    Keeping shoulders stacked over your wrists, hips in line with your shoulders, drive your knees forward towards your chest

  4. Bicycle crunches
    On your back, hands at your temples, keep your elbows wide and drive your elbow towards your opposite knee

  5. Plank jacks
    On your forearms, hips in line with your shoulders, kick both legs out nice and wide and then jump them back into a plank position

  6. Burpees
    Jump down towards the ground, chest to floor, push yourself up, drive your knees into your chest and spring all the way up

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