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Pin0% Colada Mocktail Recipe

By Mocktails on


1 bottle Mockscow Mule
1 cube of fresh pineapple
50ml coconut milk
50ml double cream
Ice & sprinkle of crushed pistachio/pineapple leaf


Shaker, muddler, measuring jigger or jug


Prep: Crush 2 pistachio nuts with muddle

1. Add fresh pineapple cube to a shaker & muddle until pulp

2. Add ice (Fill 1/3 of the shaker)

3. Add full bottle of Mockscow Mule

4. Add coconut cream & double cream

5. Close shaker and shake vigorously (approx. 5 to 8s)

6. Pour full contents into a Pina Colada tall glass

7. Garnish with sprinkled pistachio & pineapple leaf