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£50.00 from Christopher Chambers

Money ive saved not drinking

£10.00 from Paul Ryan

Go smash it buddy 😘😘

£20.00 from Peter Chambers

Gift Aid +£5.00

£5.00 from Lisa Cohen

Gift Aid +£1.25

You can do it Chris. X

£5.00 from James Credgington

Gift Aid +£1.25

£10.00 from Cathy Ryan

Gift Aid +£2.50

You can buy me a bottle of wine with the money youre gonna be saving :-)

£10.00 from Nic

Gift Aid +£2.50

I’ll give more if you complete it 🍻

£10.00 from Linda Saxton

Gift Aid +£2.50

Just a month???? Give you another £10 til Christmas 🎄 xx 😍

£20.00 from Derek Swift

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£2,465.00 raised

Target: £500.00


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