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£20.00 from Karen Jackson

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done x

£5.00 from Amy Duffield

Gift Aid +£1.25

Well done Lib. Really proud of you x

Thanks Amy xx

£5.00 from Jane Williams

Well done Lib. As you know this is very close to our hearts at the moment.

Thank you Jane xx

£10.00 from Natalie Cutts

Well done big sis!! So proud of you ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks sis and thanks for the support with drinking a bottle of prosecco at my house at the weekend 🤣🤣

£10.00 from Louisa Copley

Gift Aid +£2.50
Thanks sis xx

£10.00 from Lara Cutts

Well done! Hope you’ve got a big glass of wine waiting for you at the end. X

Thanks Lara Just had a nice glass of red to congratulate myself!

£10.00 from Patricia Burton

Keep going Lib, you're halfway there 👍 xx

Thanks Trish xx

£5.00 from Emma Williams

Gift Aid +£1.25

You’re doing fab, but I can’t wait to get my Fizz Friday buddy back xx

Thanks Emma, I've got 2 bottles ready for next Fizz Friday xx

£5.00 from Sarah Eley

Gift Aid +£1.25
Thanks Sarah x

£5.00 from Kimberley Nichols

Gift Aid +£1.25


Thanks for the donation Kim x

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£2,465.00 raised

Target: £500.00


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