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Fiona Mactaggart

£1,580.00 raised

Target: £3,100


Raising Money For

Macmillan Cancer Support

Because I'm a cancer survivor, I want to celebrate the work of Macmillan, in a manner which is good for my health

Status Updates

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£50.00 from Victoria Groulef

Macmillan do so much to help families of those with cancer! Well done Fiona xx

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£500.00 from Fiona Mactaggarth

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£30.00 from Elizabeth Griffith

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£25.00 from Michael Day

No alcohol for a whole month in the current circumstances - that's heroic!

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£25.00 from Paul Ellis

Good luck with both the fundraising and the sobriety

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£25.00 from Jonathan Callaway

Status Update

And today i met my daily target of £100 with a Caf Cheque from the wonderful Robert nadler! Thanks everso

Status Update

My lovely brother John has donated £500 through a trust which doesn't show in the online totals so my total should read £1,475 raised - half way to the target, but over half way through the month I need to step up my nagging!

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£25.00 from Martin Stott

I recognise you are over half way there already...keep it up! x

Status Update

On Friday I had the privilege of opening the Eden ward at Wexham Park hospital. This is a new day ward where chemo is given to patients. I know chemo is horrid, but it was good to meet patients who were very patient while me and thwe brilliant team who treat them and who had persuaded the authorities to invent in expanding and improving the service drank rtea and ate a delicious cake. I wil try to get hold of a picture and add it to this website, but I am not reaching may target of £100n for every day in October at the moment. I know a couple of donations have been offline via charity ch4eques so I am going to find out how much and get that added to the total, but this is a good cause, and if I am to reach the target I am in for £2200 if In cant find out how much I have offfline, and there is no way I spend that much on wine in a month!

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