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£25.00 from Jenny Dyne

Gift Aid +£6.25

£20.00 from Greg Temple

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done both of you, Very worthy cause more than happy to support you.

£20.00 from Sarah Rowbotham

Gift Aid +£5.00

£62.00 from Jo Vigus & Spike Johnstone

Gift Aid +£15.50

Great cause. Well done. £1.00 per day each.
If you default it can only be with us.
Looking forwards to celebrating your success in November.

£25.00 from Maureen Allen

Gift Aid +£6.25

£10.00 from Becky Wainwright

Gift Aid +£2.50

A worthy cause, I’m happy to support.

£30.00 from Jon Dyne

Gift Aid +£7.50

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£1,602.00 raised

Target: £1,250.00


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