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Kevin De Waal

£3,425.00 raised

Target: £3,000


Raising Money For

Macmillan Cancer Support

In Wendy's memory I'm going to have a dry month of October to raise funds for
Macmillan Cancer Support
Those of you who know me well will know what a struggle this is going to be...
You also know I love a challenge x
I'm going to put £5 a day in for every successful day I complete... be worried if there are any gaps in the donations from me!! It will either be a wobble or my account's empty!

Status Updates

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£20.00 from Roni Dickeson

Kevin you're quite amazing and what a wonderful thing you've done for others in your wife’s memory x

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Thank you Roni and Colin for your kind support x
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£5.00 from Kevin De Waal

Day 31 - Halloween
That was scary... the month not the day!
Thank God it's over. Would I do it again? Don't know for sure but probably will...
Next goal Marathon in a semi-respectable time...
This is my last post on here 😪
The answer to yesterday's teaser was envelope X Happy Christmas X

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£10.00 from Teresa dawn Bain

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Thanks T - is you is or is you ain't my baby?? X
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£100.00 from Anonymous

So pleased for you. And now the next challenge . Saying well done doesn't seem adequate!

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One word names are so cool... Like Cher or Beyonce... But yours seems to have too many syllables to trip off the tongue... Have you thought of shortening it to Anon or Mouse?? Or better yet - Why... # justsaying X
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£10.00 from Kevin De Waal

Day 30 - Last day to go!!
This has been the longest October of my life and never have I been so pleased for Halloween...
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters, without you I wouldn't have got this far... x
What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter??

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£15.00 from Kevin De Waal

Day 29 - two more long days to go...
Watched Spurs last night without the compulsory pint in my hand... strangely surreal x

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£50.00 from Chris Smith

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Chris & Angie, thank you so much for your generous contribution to the worthy cause x
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£30.00 from Karen Humphreys

Well done Kevin

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Thank you Karen for your generous support x
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£25.00 from Kevin De Waal

Day 28 - 90%+ down <10% to go...
It's not Algebra, it's a fact. I can finally look down the final straight and see the finish line! The last weekend is thankfully out of the way, they were the Miss You times...
Changing the subject - I've learned in the last 24 hours that Indonesian Peanut sauce has adhesive properties good enough to mend aeroplanes! X

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£10.00 from Kevin De Waal

Day 27 - Four (I wish it were less!) to go...
Yesterday was a trial. I came closer last night than previously... but got a grip and drank RedBull instead.
Woke this morning looking like a murder disguised as an accident... not because of what I had or hadn't been drinking, but because despite living in the micro-climate that is the driest place in England, a Monsoon battered my window all night?? X

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