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£20.00 from Trevor Moore

Gift Aid +£5.00
Thank you Trevor very much appreciated 💜

£871.00 from George Hearty

Gift Aid +£217.75

Well done Michael For a very worthy cause 👏

Wow…not much I can say George that’s very, very kind of you 💜💜💜

£20.00 from Leza Milligan

Gift Aid +£5.00

Great cause

Thank you Leza and family 💜

£50.00 from Richard Smith

Gift Aid +£12.50

Great achievement for a good cause

Ohhhh you are tempting me Richard with the golden ticket! ⭐️ thank you so much! 💜

£20.00 from Mark Thomas

Gift Aid +£5.00
Thank you Mark very kind donation 💜

£20.00 from Gogogone

Great effort Michael and for a fantastic cause. Don’t think I have ever gone more than 5 days before without a drink 🤣🤣

Trust me I know how you feel! Thank you so much for the donation 💜

£20.00 from Steve Shaw

Gift Aid +£5.00

Keep the good work going Michael! I’m sure it’s not been easy but it’s been for a great cause 👏👏

Superb thank you Steve 💜

£55.00 from Luke Ferguson

Well Done Michael.Not long left now !!

Superb Luke thank you for the donation a great cause 🙌

£20.00 from Jake Fisher

Gift Aid +£5.00
Thank you for the kind donation 💜

£20.00 from Hilary Gibney

Well Dine Michael, Respect!🙏🏼

Thank you so much for the kind donation 💜

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