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£5.00 from Hubert M

Thanks Hubert very much appreciated 💜

£55.00 from Stebbings

Thank you S very much appreciated 💜

£100.00 from RKC

Thank you so very kind 💜

£30.00 from Adrian Moore

Gift Aid +£7.50

Antrim branch were amazing for my friend Debi.. good on you Michael ❤️

Adrian thank you a wonderful cause 💜

£10.00 from Sam Magee

Gift Aid +£2.50
Sam thank you very much appreciated 🙌

£20.00 from Darren Kerr

Gift Aid +£5.00

Fair play love

Thank you Darren 💜

£20.00 from Tegan Vorley

Gift Aid +£5.00
Thank you Tegan so very kind 💜

£100.00 from martin McDonnell

Gift Aid +£25.00

Keep the good work up Michael
goog cause

Thanks you Martin as always I appreciate the support 💜

£50.00 from connie tomalin

Behind you all they way xx Very close to our heart & very proud of you always 💜

Love you always 💜

£5.00 from Akela Braidner

Gift Aid +£1.25
Akela thank you so much very kind 💜

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