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£20.00 from John Billings

Gift Aid +£5.00

Good luck MT you have no bother doing it

Absolute star JB 💜 thank you so much

£55.00 from Slawek P

Slawek superstar as always ⭐️

£110.00 from Steve Hussey

Gift Aid +£27.50

Great idea for a great cause - best wishes Michael from the Haycock Manor Hotel team - glad to support you

Steve thank you so much this one means a lot to me 💜

£50.00 from seamus mc glinchey

Gift Aid +£12.50

Not a bother to you MT. It’s always good to help others. 👏🏻👏🏻

I’ll smash it 100% 💪 thank you so much my friend 💜

£100.00 from Robin Stanex

Robin thank you so much that’s a world class donation 💜💜💜

£55.00 from Jon Weed & Family

Gift Aid +£13.75

Best of luck for a dry month Michael and all for a terrific cause. Tapes up!! Jon, Caroline and George.

Wow thank you all so much 💜

£50.00 from MH Motors Ltd

Best of luck

Thank you so much 💜

£20.00 from Stu Hayden

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done!

Stu thank you so much 💜

£50.00 from Andy Conde

Gift Aid +£12.50

Well done Michael. Great effort for a great cause.

Andy thank you so much! 💜

£55.00 from Merlin O Reilly

You are a legend Merlin 💜

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