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Oliver Rose & Nik Springthorpe

£2,522.02 raised

Target: £500


Raising Money For

Macmillan Cancer Support

- To Raise money for Macmillan cancer support
- To challenge myself to a month without booze
- Someone i know has been affected by cancer
- And finally to continue a life long competitive feud between ourselves to see who crumbles first

Status Updates

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£31.00 from Delboy

Well done both of you, didn’t think you would manage it.

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£100.00 from Watermans

Well done lads. We know how hard this must have been for you!! Best wishes from all at Watermans

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£25.00 from Ian Betteridge

As promised, well done fellas 👍

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£10.00 from Jack Walters

Well done Mr Chairman! Top chairman, top bloke and overall top drinker so very well done on this!! Just in time for Saturday!! #UTB

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£20.00 from chris kellett

As promised, enjoy your beers

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£50.00 from Mike Beahan

Well done boys. Great effort, great cause. Proper piss up tonight eh!

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£25.00 from Adam and Alex

Didn’t aim to leave it so late but well done and at least we know you’ve done it now well done

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£20.00 from Kerry Gough

Well Done Guys, such a worthy cause x

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£10.00 from Shaun Carley

Well done bods- nearly there! Good luck getting through November when your bodies are flooded with booze again!

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£20.00 from Emma Lowe

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Thanks Ms Lowe! Looking forward to the donations from the other 6 dwarfs/personalities! Sleepy, Divorcee, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey and Tragedy (already donated). Seriously though, really appreciate the support! x

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