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Paul Darling

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Target: £1,000


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Macmillan Cancer Support

My father died of cancer last year. I’ve been looking for the chance to do something in his memory.

He would have been very amused that I was able to raise money for charity by having a dry month. He was a great one for achieving multiple outcomes from a single act. Raise money for charity, remember Dad and have a healthy month

And this charity does real good.And so every time I fancy a glass of decent red I’ll think about my Dad, all the good he did and all the good this is doing Thanks for reading and supporting

Status Updates

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£100.00 from Anonymous

Well done

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£100.00 from Edwin

I had no idea that you drank alcohol!

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£100.00 from G & T Isenerslice

We will miss you and hope to see you soon.

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£100.00 from David Webb

Proud of you Boss x

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£50.00 from Anonymous

This characteristically thoughtful approach ought to bring contributions tumbling in.

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