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£50.00 from Gemma, Jo and the swim team

Well done Ruth! 👏

£10.00 from Nichola Tucker

Gift Aid +£2.50

❤️ Well done, Ruth ❤️

£40.00 from Rachell

Gift Aid +£10.00

£10.00 from Andrea Liptak

Gift Aid +£2.50

£10.00 from Paul Fletcher

£5.00 from Hester Harper

Gift Aid +£1.25

Well done Ruth!

£10.00 from Loretta Brennan

Gift Aid +£2.50

Well done Ruth!

£10.00 from MRS CLARE HORNER

Gift Aid +£2.50

£10.00 from Ian Clayton

Gift Aid +£2.50

Well done!

£20.00 from Becky Flanagan

Gift Aid +£5.00

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£2,465.00 raised

Target: £500.00


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