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£10.00 from Andrius Dagys

Gift Aid +£2.50

I know it's not easy to give up alcohol for a whole month, but you're doing great. You're not only helping yourself, but also supporting a good cause. Keep it up!!!

£20.00 from Dr Baker

£13.00 from Anonymous

Thankyou !!! X

£10.00 from Daniel Jarczewski

Good luck x


£10.00 from Nickin John

£5.00 from Ben Robson

Gift Aid +£1.25
Thankyou !!! :) X

£10.00 from Natasha Robinson

Good luck Shannon. You’ll smash it 🙌 xxx

Ahh thankyou so much !!! xxx

£37.00 from Cash Donations

From everyone in marlbrough surgery , beth harrison , shannon stobbs

£10.00 from Dr Yemisi

£10.00 from Kaye Jones

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Target: £500.00


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