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£10.00 from Paul Bear

Gift Aid +£2.50

Great cause Tony

£200.00 from Good Luck from all at Complete Facades

Good Luck from all at Complete Facades

£5.00 from Stephen Thwaites

Gift Aid +£1.25

£20.00 from Mr Nick S Waldren

Gift Aid +£5.00

£30.00 from jonathan spoiala

£20.00 from Nathan Spoiala

£55.00 from Andron Construction

£55.00 from Viorel Onesemiuc

£55.00 from Jamie Miles

Gift Aid +£13.75

Well done mate.
I’d rather run a marathon than do a month without booze!! So 🎩 🎩off to you sir👍

£20.00 from Nasser Hussain

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done buddy! Great cause.

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