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£33.23 from Pete File

Good on you Tony, let’s hope they spend it on livers. DG

£30.00 from Steve Jays

Gift Aid +£7.50

Good cause Tone 👍

£50.00 from Keith Maynard

Good on ya Tony
Terrific cause
Am sure you'll hit your target soon

£110.00 from Total Concrete Ltd

Well done Tony a good cause

£100.00 from Testing & Consultancy Services Ltd

Good Luck from all at Testing & Consultancy Services Ltd

Status Update

Wow!!! just wanted to say a massive thank you to all those who have donated so far and for the lovely words of encouragement. We have blown through the target amount of £1500 so i have raised this another £500 to an amount of £2000. Thanks again all the wonderful people who have donated, this gives me the boost to keep going for the rest of the month. Thank you all

£100.00 from Axtell

Good on you Tony :)

£200.00 from Neil Foundations Systems Limited

Good luck from all at NFS

£20.00 from Michael Hurley

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done mate!

£30.00 from Dumitru Reut

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