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£20.00 from John Harrower

Gift Aid +£5.00


£20.00 from Sam Bailey

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done mate!

£55.00 from W

What a guy!

£5,000.00 from David Sullivan

Gift Aid +£1,250.00

Fabulous work and a great charity.

£110.00 from Jack Sullivan

Gift Aid +£27.50

£55.00 from Marc Thorn

Go on willage!!

£100.00 from Murry Whelan

Gift Aid +£25.00

Well done mate. Catch up soon in the UK

£100.00 from Murray whelan

Well done mate. Keep it up

£40.00 from Chris Good

Good luck mate! Only 22 days to go :)

£100.00 from James Black

Good luck mate x

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