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Zoe Hodge

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Macmillan Cancer Support

Someone I know has been affected by cancer.

A week ago today I was sat in my brother Nick's lounge with him, his wife Marie and a Macmillan nurse. She was telling him to prepare for the inevitable. Nick is suffering from a grade 4 Glioblastoma tumour in his brain.
I was shocked and dismayed to discover that a lot of the palliative care he is receiving is from charities. The nurses, hospices and councellors are provided by a handful of chairites and they are all struggling. They are all underfunded and this only contributes to the tragedy cancer patients and their loved ones are experiencing.
Nick will laugh when he hears I'm giving up alcohol for a month. I spent a few days with him last week and I took full advantage of his neglected booze cabinet. Delicious sherry and pink gin was had, albeit with a heavy heart.
The last time I went without a drink for more than 48 hours was when I was growing the Billie bean, so don't underestimate how challenging this will be for me!
Please give as generously as you can.

I love you bro xx

Status Updates

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£10.00 from Brian Jones

Just waiting for the Delirium tremens (DT's) to kick in x

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£10.00 from Graham Thorne

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts. X

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£50.00 from Chris Taplin

Great cause and good luck, but I am sponsoring you to start drinking again afterwards. Anything else would be hypocritical. Cheers!

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£15.00 from Rebecca Van der Merwe

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Thank you Becca x
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£50.00 from mark cameron

Big love from Jo and I Zoe.

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Big love back to you both xx
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£100.00 from Becky & Chris Vaughan

Go Zo !
You can do it and Macmillan are so worth it ❤️

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Amazing - thank you so much xx
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£15.00 from Susannah Howard

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Thank you!
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£50.00 from Susana DMB

Much Love From Bernadette, Juan and Me xxxxx

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Very kind, thank you xx
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£50.00 from Glen Rowe

Bloody love you & here’s to November when we can have a beer... XX

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It's a date xx
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£15.00 from Alessia Giustiniano

Buona fortuna x

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Grazie Mille xx

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