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Claire Obeid

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Claire Obeid, founder of The Wellness Project, is a Mind-Body-Soul Coach, Yoga Teacher, Writer + Speaker. But really Claire sees herself as a soul-centred wellness advocate living her dream.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, and armed with powerful wisdom and raw authenticity, Claire spends her days guiding women out of control, limitations, fear, ego and self-doubt and into a life of self-love, freedom and infinite potential. A balanced, happy and perfectly healthy life.

The best way to think of Claire is as a bundle of contradictions – soft, gentle and vulnerable, yet brave, devoted and willing to take a chance. It’s like Mother Nature meets fear-buster meets spirit-fuelled maven.

Her heart beats to the drum of self-enquiry, inner transformation + soulful living. Claire ardently spreads the message of surrender + the limitless life that comes with it. And is forever eager to do the dirty work, go deep, play big and perpetually evolve in mind-body-spirit. That’s her bag.

She is the author or two ebooks: INSPIRED – A DIY Retreat to Distil Your Dreams + Clarify Your Visions and 17 Ways to Surrender for Your Best Life Yet!

Claire is also the creator of the transformational and powerful ecourse: The Freedom Project. And has recently launched a FREE 21 Day Meditation Project.

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