Health and fitness tips to make the most of your sober month!

Leanne Hall

By Wellbeing Writer on

I'm a self-confessed health nut. Simple.

Having said that, I'm also far from perfect. I slip up and make mistakes. Who doesn't right? But what I can say is that I truly value my health.

My agenda is to encourage as many people as I can to prioritise and value their health. Why? Because we only get one chance at this "life" thing so why waste it?

Because when you learn how to really value your health, amazing things happen. Your relationship with both yourself and others is enhanced, and sticking to goals suddenly seems so much easier.

Now here is the problem. My 15 years of clinical experience has taught me that the vast majority of people do not prioritise their health. The reasons for this are many. Some feel they don't have the time, some feel guilty for thinking of themselves, and some have just forgotten how!

When we don't look after ourselves, a whole range of things can happen. Stress, fatigue, depression, relationship problems, weight gain, hypertension, digestive disorders.....the list goes on.

Now the first step in learning to value your health is to believe that you are worth it. You deserve to be healthy, and enjoy all the benefits attached to living a life in line with your values. It's no longer an option to put your health on the back burner; wait until the kids get older, wait until that awesome job comes along, or wait until you meet the man/woman of your dreams.

Make a choice, and start NOW.