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Peter Rule

By Wellbeing Writer on

Peter is a holistic health practitioner and has been in practice since 1991. He has studied, practiced and taught many modalities of natural healing, body work and energy healing in health retreats and wellness centres in Australia, including Golden Door Willowvale in Queensland for a number of years. 

Peter has a passion for education and enjoys inspiring others to make healthy positive changes to their lives. Via naturopathy, holistic wellbeing consultations, energy healing and presenting to groups he aspires to assist his clients using both tried and tested science-backed strategies, but also complimentary and integrative medicine to achieve ultimate health for body, mind and spirit.

Integrating the Golden Door philosophy of Body, Mind and Spirit, Peter utilises the modalities of yoga, meditation, Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Bio-Communication and Naturopathy and Crystal Light Bed Therapy. “As Holistic Health Services Manager, I look forward to further developing the holistic health foundations here at Golden Door as a facilitator, presenter and consultant to assist in personal growth and transformation for both guests and staff.”