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Rosie Mansfield

By Wellbeing Writer on

Rosie has a unique way of describing information in healthy digestible chunks and always with her signature sense of humour, making her the ideal choice to educate people (both little and large) on the importance of practising a healthy daily diet.

In 2011, she completed her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Therapies giving her the background she needed to chase her dream of making nutrition education simple and fun. Her goal is simple - to help the next generation wade through the mountains of nutritional fads and bad advice they’ve been given and instead teach them the facts of what they actually need to know about food and their health.

Recognising that children are open to learning about food from the age of five, she is driven by a passion to positively impact children’s health. She believes that with the right role models and the proper support, parents and the community can help guide children to choose to be healthy and in doing so create a real movement of change in our attitudes towards health.

British born, she now lives beachside in Manly, spending her down time gliding on her precious longboard, discovering new food trends, and running along the coastline. She is an Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and founder of the innovative website thenutritionists.com, a website that allows people from all walks of life to access affordable meal plans at the click of a button.

She is a NIDA trained television presenter, with a skill for entertaining and an uncanny ability to make people feel comfortable and happy. Ambitious, charming and downright hilarious, she has an energy and zest for life that is infectious.