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Rosie Mansfield

By Wellbeing Writer on

Rosie has a unique way of describing information in healthy digestible chunks and always with her signature sense of humour, making her the ideal choice to educate people (both little and large) on the importance of practising a healthy daily diet.

In 2011, she completed her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Therapies giving her the background she needed to chase her dream of making nutrition education simple and fun. Her goal is simple - to help the next generation wade through the mountains of nutritional fads and bad advice they’ve been given and instead teach them the facts of what they actually need to know about food and their health.

Recognising that children are open to learning about...

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Kirsty Welsh

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Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Expert; Health Writer & Presenter

Kirsty is a qualified Fitness Trainer & Yogafit Instructor; holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health and Human Movement; and is a qualified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Reiki & NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

For Kirsty, health and wellness is a way of life and she is keenly passionate about inspiring others to help them achieve their optimum health. Aside from running a successful personal training business, Kirsty has also worked extensively in the media & entertainment industry; as the personal trainer for Mel B (Scary Spice), the 2011 Final 12 X-Factor contestants, and as the behind-the-scenes trainer for Channel 9's BIG:...

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Leanne Hall

By Wellbeing Writer on

I'm a self-confessed health nut. Simple.

Having said that, I'm also far from perfect. I slip up and make mistakes. Who doesn't right? But what I can say is that I truly value my health.

My agenda is to encourage as many people as I can to prioritise and value their health. Why? Because we only get one chance at this "life" thing so why waste it?

Because when you learn how to really value your health, amazing things happen. Your relationship with both yourself and others is enhanced, and sticking to goals suddenly seems so much easier.

Now here is the problem. My 15 years of clinical experience has taught me that the vast majority of people do not prioritise their health. The reasons for this are many. Some feel they don't have the time,...

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Claire Obeid

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Claire Obeid, founder of The Wellness Project, is a Mind-Body-Soul Coach, Yoga Teacher, Writer + Speaker. But really Claire sees herself as a soul-centred wellness advocate living her dream.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, and armed with powerful wisdom and raw authenticity, Claire spends her days guiding women out of control, limitations, fear, ego and self-doubt and into a life of self-love, freedom and infinite potential. A balanced, happy and perfectly healthy life.

The best way to think of Claire is as a bundle of contradictions – soft, gentle and vulnerable, yet brave, devoted and willing to take a chance. It’s like Mother Nature meets fear-buster meets spirit-fuelled maven.

Her heart beats to the drum of self-enquiry, inner...

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Wholefood Simply

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I am not entirely sure how Wholefood Simply came to be. Perhaps it all started many years ago when my journey into clean eating began. Perhaps it was much later than that, when I had a baby of my own and noticed how many children were eating processed and packaged foods. Or maybe it was not so long ago, when I mentioned to those around me that I wanted to show people that there was another way.

I suspect there were many roads that led me here.

Today, my aim is to make things a little easier for those who are embarking on the real foods paths. I want to help families who live with intolerances and allergies. I want to put fun and simplicity into what can sometimes be a daunting and dull experience. Ultimately, I want to create food that...

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Melissa Ingram

By Wellbeing Writer on

Melissa Ingram is currently the Wellness Consultant and Retreat Physiotherapist at Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa, Elysia.

She studied physiotherapy at Sydney University and has completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and Wellness Coaching. Melissa offers specialised services in wellness coaching, physiotherapy and a range of private classes including myofascial release and swim stroke correction.

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