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Boost your wellbeing this October with the National Garden Scheme’s top tips

By The National Garden Scheme on

Why not develop those green fingers of yours as part of your booze-free October? Gardening is not only rewarding but it gets you exercising in the fresh air, positively impacting your wellbeing. While you’re keeping your mind and body healthy through Sober October, these tips will help keep your garden healthy too.

So, whatever the weather, venture outside and get stuck in with the National Garden Scheme’s top tips for October in your garden:

1. Get Tidying

This is the time of year when a small amount of work with the right tools can bring you satisfying results in the garden. Trim branches, sweep up fallen leaves, clear brambles, and carry out path repairs, or to lay new ones – there’s lots to do. Start creating compost!

2. Plant Trees and Hedges

Now is the best time to plant trees as they are able to get their roots settled and established through the winter. This is the best time for planting new hedges too, and they will immediately make your garden look better.

3. Lift Vegetables

Vegetables that you have been growing all summer like beetroot and carrots are about to reward you. However, they can be ruined by being left in wet ground, so they need to be dug up or lifted, and stored ideally in a cool dark shed in a box of dry potting compost.

4. Cover Your Pond

Soon the leaves will be falling fast. If you have a pond, you won't want loads of them decomposing in the water, especially if you have fish, so try and keep it clean. The simplest way is to cover the pond with mesh or netting.