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£30.00 from Christopher Harris

Gift Aid +£7.50

Keep it going Tony! Good work.

Thanks Chris - that's really appreciated - see you soon!

£30.00 from Tracy Hayden

Gift Aid +£7.50

Sending love and support Tony for doing this again for such a fantastic cause.

Thanks Tracy and Neil - I really appreciate your year-on-year support! See you soon!

£30.00 from Sharon Gillette

Gift Aid +£7.50

Happy to support a great cause!

That's really appreciated Sharon and takes me through the £1000 (+ Gift Aid) barrier! If we raise a little over £1,600, that will be worth £2,000 (with Gift Aid added) to Macmillan, amounting to £20,000 over 10 Years!

£20.00 from Martin Coles

Gift Aid +£5.00

Good luck with hitting your target!

Thanks Martin - really appreciated and have really enjoyed working with you on the Anthem Board! Stay in touch!

£50.00 from Carrie Supple

Dear Tony, as you know, I will never forget how your support enabled me to be with my darling mum during her last year, way more than many other bosses for sure. It made all the difference & you're a star Thank you xx with love

Thanks Carrie - that’s incredibly kind of you! It was lovely to see you earlier in the summer! Take care!

£30.00 from Jerome and Isabel Curtin

Hi Tony,
Well done for your continuous support for Macmillan Cancer Support by going sober for October.
Best wishes
Jerome and Isabel

Jerome and Isabel - that really is appreciated! Thank you for your year-on-year support.

£30.00 from Tina Prendeville

Gift Aid +£7.50

Over the half way mark now! Always such a great fundraiser for a worthy cause. Well done Tony

Thanks Tina and David for your support, year-on-year! I'm aiming to raise £1,600 (ie £2,000 with Gift Aid), which will make it £20,000 in 10 years! So, yes, thanks for getting me over the half way mark, at just after half way!

£55.00 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£13.75
Many, many thanks - whoever you might be! Your support will make a real difference to Macmillan!

£110.00 from Seán Buckley

Gift Aid +£27.50

Keep up the good work, Tony!

Thanks Sean - that's incredibly generous of you! Really appreciated and looking forward to our November pint!

£30.00 from Girish

Gift Aid +£7.50

Tony, this is a great and worthy cause.
You can have a drink on me this Thursday since it’s my birthday!

Ah, and a worthy cause yourself! Thanks Girish for your year-on-year support, and Happy Birthday!

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