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£50.00 from Mary Ann Cooper

Gift Aid +£12.50

Best Wishes & Good Luck

Mary Ann - thanks for your fabulous support, year-on-year - it is really appreciated!

£20.00 from Tony Breslin

This is a donation from my great friend and long term mentor, Mike Moores - thanks Mike!

£30.00 from Nick Johnson

Gift Aid +£7.50

Well done Tony!

Thanks Nick for your support - this year and every year!

£50.00 from Annette Szymaniak

Gift Aid +£12.50

Dear Tony,

You are a real star for committing to another "Sober October." Roll on November!

Wishing lots of success as you pick up the baton again!


Thanks Annette - I can only do it because I've got great people around me! Thanks for your incredibly generous donation!

£50.00 from Kenneth Johnson

Gift Aid +£12.50

Good Luck TB we hope you reach your target

Many thanks to both of you for your support year-on-year - looking forward to seeing you after you return from your Scandinavian adventures!

£30.00 from Ian Freeman

Gift Aid +£7.50

Great cause, great effort yet again.

Thanks Ian - your support is really appreciated - only thirty days to go!

£100.00 from Philip Meadows

Phil - thank you so much for this fabulous donation - what a great way to kick-off my tenth Sober October - see you next month for a pint!

£25.00 from Tony Breslin

Gift Aid +£6.25

I'm putting £25 in the kitty to start the ball rolling!

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