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£10.00 from Peter McNally

£30.00 from Anonymous

Thank you very much, whoever you might be! Your donation will support the incredible work that Macmillan does!

£20.00 from Ashfold Consulting Limited

This is part of my target to donate to charity once a month in my 60th year. It’s great that both you and MacMillan benefit from your fundraiser each year - I hope you reach the £20k this year. Linda

Thanks Linda - really appreciated - and what a lovely way to mark your 60th year - I'm just coming to the end of mine!

£30.00 from Sarah Morgan

Gift Aid +£7.50

Invaluable organisation that provides real tangible differences to patients, families and careers as well as to professionals delivering care ❤️

Thanks Sarah - your support, every year, is really valued, especially as you see the benefits of Macmillan's work on a daily basis!

£10.00 from Wendy Dunmilll

Gift Aid +£2.50
Thanks Wendy - really appreciated, and great to work with you on Pathways for All!

£25.00 from Roger Levy

Gift Aid +£6.25
Really appreciated, Roger - thanks, as always, for your year-on-year support!

£10.00 from Kevin Avison

Congratulations - keep going, one day at a time!

Kevin - many, many thanks! Really appreciated - give my best to all at Human Scale Education, of which I'm still a member!

£100.00 from tom morrow

Congats Tony, 10 years is a great effort.

Tom thanks for your fabulous generosity! Shall we grab a beer between November and Christmas, if you're in this part of the world, of course?

£55.00 from Christine McInnes

Gift Aid +£13.75

Very impressive - I'll have one in your honour! Good luck with reaching your target :)

That's incredibly generous of you Christine! Really appreciated! Many, many thanks!

£15.00 from Philip Hills

Gift Aid +£3.75

Nice one Tony - good luck with it.

Really appreciated Philip - I trust all goes well at the new school - a coffee soon perhaps?

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